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Heuristic Game: Learning through exploration

It consists of gathering a large number of objects that can be combined in different ways.

21 | 03 | 2023

The students of the 4th grade of Education Infant and 4th year of the Double Degree of Education Infant and Pedagogyin the framework of the subject "Learning of the Sciences of Nature, Social Sciences and their Didactics", taught by Professor Elena Arbués, have designed a session of heuristic game and its subsequent implementation in internship with children in the classroom simulation of the School.

The heuristic game is an educational proposal that allows the child to discover things by himself, through exploration. It consists of gathering a large number of objects, which are feasible to be combined with each other in different ways. Children are invited to enter the classroom and the adult, in this case their mothers, remain close to them attentive and observing. The children investigate and manipulate of their own free will; and the future teachers of Education Infant, supported by a rubric, observe the behaviors, actions and logical operations that the children perform. 

In the School of Education and Psychology we strive to provide a quality teaching that best prepares our graduates. This and other simulation-based activities are learning scenarios that provide a great motivational stimulus and allow undergraduates to reflect and discuss their future internship professor .