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Interview "a dos" with the first graduates of the specialization program in Regenerative Medicine and Advanced Therapies.

Laura Pilar Aguado and Juan Antonio Romero are students of the 1st promotion of the Master's Degree MIB of the University of Navarra, who are doing one of the most avant-garde specialties in the field.

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Laura Pilar Aguado and Juan Antonio Romero
PHOTO: Manuel Castells
21/05/18 18:22 Laura Juampérez

For Laura and Juan Antonio, the new specialization program in Regenerative Medicine and Advanced Therapies of the Master's Degree in research Biomedical (MIB), which is taught at the University of Navarra, is the key to advance in their research degree program with a training that, they consider, has given them a very valuable experience internship in their curriculum.

- You are students of the first graduating class of the MIB to do the specialization program in Regenerative Medicine and Advanced Therapies. Why would you recommend it, from your experience, to a graduate of the area scientific-healthcare ? 

Laura (L): After what I have experienced this year, I would recommend studying this specialization program because it is very attractive scientifically: it allows you to obtain a multitude of knowledge about different fields of Biology and Medicine. In addition, it is a fairly new specialization program , which makes it possible to propose different projects of research whose purpose is oriented to clinical application.

Juan Antonio (JA): I think the most important thing about this specialization program is that it takes you into a very new field of the research and it does it with very interesting subjects, which address very current issues, at the same time that it teaches us how it works in them. research. I would recommend it, especially to people interested in cell and gene therapy.

- What motivated your choice of this specialization program and not another?

L. In my case, I chose it because I found it quite interesting and with different subjects from those I had already studied at degree program. In addition, I wanted to learn a new perspective of Biomedicine.

JA. For me, apart from the novelty and the subjects offered, it was a branch that attracted me much more than others.

- What does added value bring to your curriculum and to your professional possibilities?

L. On the one hand, there is its novelty, which allows you to have many open fields in which to investigate. And also the fact that it brings a lot of experience internship in the curriculum and an additional training to what you have already studied in the degree program (for me, most of the subjects in the Master's Degree were totally new).

JA. One of the advantages of the specialization program is to give a very specific vision of very cutting edge and relevant topics of research . The specialization program in Regenerative Medicine and Advanced Therapies is accompanied by a training very internship that financial aid much to the approach to the world of health research . In terms of professional possibilities, it offers the added bonus of teaching and training in non-conventional fields -such as stem cells and gene therapy-, which can provide us with professional opportunities in areas that promise important applications.

- If you had to highlight two points that set this MIB specialization program apart from other postgraduate programs, what would they be?

L. In my opinion, it is a specialization program multidisciplinary in which you can study diverse areas of science and understand it as a whole. And the fact that it is "underexplored" makes you face a lot ofbiomedical challenges that are still unsolved.

JA. Speaking a bit from ignorance - this is my first postgraduate program-, I am convinced that one of its advantages is the strong training internship and the fact that you get very close to work situations of research. It is an intense experience in terms of training, but it does not leave you indifferent


- Once you finish specialization program, what plans do you have for the short/medium term deadline?

L. I would like to improve my scientific training and do the doctorate at the same laboratory where I am doing the work end of Master's Degree, since it is a laboratory specialized in Cell Therapy.

JA. Both the Degree I chose and this Master's Degree put me on the path of research, which I would now like to continue with a doctoral thesis . Then I would like to find an interesting group of research or a position in some business related to my specialization program.