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More than fifty scientists meet at the III Symposium on Tropical Health at the University of Chile

The latest advances in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as leishmaniasis, brucellosis and Chagas disease, among others, were discussed at workshop .

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22/04/16 15:16 Patricia Sainz

More than fifty scientists participated in the III Tropical Health Symposium organized by the high school of Tropical Health of the University of Navarra, which addressed the latest advances in the diagnosis, vaccines and treatment of diseases such as leishmaniasis, brucellosis or Chagas disease, among others, which affect more than 6,000 million people in the world.

The event brought together experts from different institutions such as the University of Granada, the University of León, the Ramón y Cajal Hospital in Madrid and the company CerTest Biotec. In addition, about twenty posters were presented on programs of study related to tropical diseases such as Drug combinations to fight against visceral leishmaniasis, Carbonic anhydrases and CO2 dependence in Brucella, Exploring new hydrazine and hydrazide quinoxaline 1,4-di-n-oxide derivatives as potential antimalarials, Self-adjuvanted liposome-like vaccine against bacillary dysentery, or Immunological characterization of the Trypanosomatid serine/threonine-protein kinase "Jean3".

 "One of the themes that has been highlighted in the different presentations has been the fact that the child population is still the most at risk and that we must focus on solutions to end this problem. However, although the road is long, there is hope as we have seen how the possibility of developing vaccines, diagnostic tools or drugs to end neglected diseases is getting closer and closer," explained Paul Nguewa, director of high school.