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The School of Philosophy and Letters celebrates the graduation of senior students

A hundred students put an end to their university years, surrounded by family, friends and teachers.

FotoManuelCastells/Students at School of Philosophy and Letters in their graduation ceremony

22 | 05 | 2023

Last Saturday, May 20, took place the graduation ceremony of one hundred students of the School of Philosophy and Letters, belonging to the LXV promotion of Degree in History, the LX promotion of Philosophy, the LVII promotion of Philology , the XXVI promotion of Humanities, the III promotion of Literature and Creative Writing (LEC) and the II promotion of Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE).

The workshop began with a Mass of thanksgiving at the chapel of Sciences and a floral offering to the Virgin of campus. Afterwards, the students and their families went to the theater of the Museum of the University of Navarra, where the academic ceremony took place, presided over by the dean of the School, Julia Pavón.

Maris Stella Fernández, delegate of Degree at Philosophy, spoke on behalf of the entire graduating class. In her speech, she reviewed these four years of degree program and recalled that one of the things that surprised her most when she arrived at the University of Navarra and that has marked her time at the academic center has been "the human quality of the professors and their genuine interest in the students." He also underlined the main mission statement of humanists: "We have very different objects and methods of study, but we are united by a commitment to the same mission statement: to reach the truth. This universal mission statement has different manifestations, which can be summarized in a single one: love".

Afterwards, Álvaro Sánchez-Ostiz, godfather of the promotion of Degree in Philology , addressed the attendees on behalf of the other godparents: Clara Fernández-Ladreda (History), Ana Marta González (Philosophy), Aitor Blanco (Humanities), Rocio Davis (LEC), Julia Urabayen (PPE). Professor Sánchez-Ostiz reminded that the knowledge should always be shared: "We are made to learn and we do it by connecting with our peers. The knowledge is inseparable from the personal ties we establish with those who accompany us and those who have preceded us in this process". In his speech, he also pointed out that the graduates are custodians of ideas, of the report and of words: "We are united by the study of useless but necessary knowledge for our society and the challenge to keep alive the flame of a connected intellectual life, to feed the curiosity for the great questions".

After submission , Julia Pavón, dean of the School, spoke, stating that the university stage of those present"has been a time to discover and think about how to make each of your lives worthwhile and where you would like to orient the north of your compasses". He also encouraged them to "become true humanists, capable of receiving and sharing with true freedom and passion some apparently invisible knowledge, but, deep down, the core cultural nuclei of a civilization always in search of meaning".