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Ruth Breeze co-edited the book "Interpersonality in Legal Genres", published by the prestigious publishing house Peter Lang.

She is a researcher of the project 'Public discourse' of Institute for Culture and Society and professor of the institute of modern languages

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22/07/14 13:15 ICS

Ruth Breeze, a researcher at project 'Public discourse' of the Institute for Culture and Society and professor at the institute of modern languages of the University of Navarra, has co-edited the book Interpersonality in Legal Genres together with Maurizio Gottia professor at the Universitá degli Studi di Bergamo (Italy), and Carmen Sanchoof the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. The volume is part of the 'Linguistic Insights' series of the prestigious academic publishing house . Peter Lang.

The book contains the following chapters: Framing Interpersonality in Law Contexts (Carmen Sancho, Maurizio Gotti and Ruth Breeze), "The words are plain and clear..." On Interpersonal Positioning in the Discourse of Judicial Interpretation (Davide Mazzi), Interpersonality and Fundamental Rights (Tarja Salmi-Tolonen), Contractual Commitment or Obligation? The Linguistic Interactions in Charter Parties (María Ángeles Orts Llopis), Interpersonal and Interactional Markers in Legal Research Articles (Michele conference room), Stance in a Professional Legal Genre: The Barrister's Opinion (Christoph A. Hafner), Interpersonal Constraints in Statutory Writing (Vijay K. Bhatia), Engagement in NTSB Decisions on Aviation Case Appeals (Carmen Sancho), Interpersonality in Legislative Drafting Guides and Manuals: the Case of the Scottish Government Publication 'Plain Language and Legislation' (Christopher Williams), Exploring the Interplay Between Discursive and Professional Practices in Domain Name Arbitration Awards (Ignacio Vázquez-Orta), Interpersonal Patent Relations: Persuasion Pointers to Novelty, Creativity, and Ownership in U.S. Patent Property Claiming (Ismael Arinas Pellón), The Discursive Construction of Professional Relationships through the Legal Letter of Advice (Ruth Breeze), Interpersonality in Mediation Discourse (Maurizio Gotti), The Realization of Interpersonality Features in Jury Instructions (Patrizia Anesa) and The Management of Conflict: Arbitration in Corporate E-releases (Isabel Corona).

About the volume editors

Ruth Breeze has done extensive research and publication work on the area analysis of speech applied to the language of media and specialized speech , with a particular focus on the field of legal English. She is currently a researcher at Institute for Culture and Society and a lecturer at institute of modern languages.

Maurizio Gotti is professor of language English and translation; director of department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Communication; and director of the Research Centre for LSP Research (CERLIS) at the Universitá degli Studi di Bergamo. His main areas of research are the characteristics and origins of the specialized speech .

Carmen Sancho is a senior lecturer at the department of Applied Linguistics at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, where she teaches English for academic purposes and professional communication. Her research focuses on the interdisciplinary analysis of academic and professional discourses and genres, and innovation in the teaching and learning of academic skills.