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The bulletin of the International Sociological Association publishes an interview by an ICS doctoral student with the pioneer of the sociology of emotions.

During her research stay at UC Berkeley, Madalena d'Oliveira-Martins worked with Arlie Russell Hochschild, considered one of the world's leading sociologists.

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Arlie Russell Hochschild, professor emerita at UC Berkeley. PHOTO: Courtesy
22/10/14 12:31 ICS

Global Dialogue, the bulletin of the International Sociological Association, publishes in volume 4 issue 3 an interview of the Portuguese Madalena d'Oliveira-Martins, doctoral candidate at the University of Navarra, with Arlie Rusell Hochschild, professor emeritus at the University of Navarra. Institute for Culture and Society (ICS) of the University of Navarra, to Arlie Russell Hochschild, professor emerita at the University of Berkeley. University of Berkeley (USA).

Madalena d'Oliveira-Martins makes her thesis in the project ' 'Emotional culture and identity' of the ICS, financed by Zurich Insurance. As part of her research, she carried out a six-month stay at the department of Sociology of the American campus .

During this period she worked with Professor Arlie Russell Hochschild, a pioneer in the field of the sociology of emotions, a branch of the social sciences that was born at the end of the 20th century. Precisely, the thesis of this doctoral student deals with sociological reflexivity and the sociology of emotions in the thinking of this expert, considered one of the most important sociologists in the world.

The interview took place on February 27, 2014 in California, on the framework of Madalena's stay. It has been published under degree scroll 'work emotional around the world'.

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The interview in English

The interview on Spanish (pages 17-20)