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Félix Mª Arocena: "The Eucharistic celebration is the setting par excellence for the experience of meeting with the Risen One".

The expert in liturgy and member of the Royal Academy of Doctors participated in a workshop of the ISCR of the University of Navarra on the Eucharist, together with professors Juan José Silvestre and Juan Luis Lorda.

FotoCedida/More thaneighty people from different provinces of Spain participated in the workshop.

23 | 02 | 2023

"The Eucharistic celebration is the setting par excellence for the experience of meeting with the Risen One". This was affirmed by the expert in Liturgy, canonist and member of the Royal Academy of Doctors, Felix Maria Arocena, at the campus of Madrid University.

His words were part of the session he gave at the XIV Theological-didactic workshop 'Mysterium fidei: Eucharist and Christian life', organized by the high school Superior of Religious Sciences of the academic center, in harmony with the apostolic letter Desiderio desideravi on the liturgical training of the people of God, promulgated by Pope Francis on June 29, 2022.

In his message, Professor Arocena emphasized that the relationship with the Lord is with the paschal, glorious and risen Christ, "who lives and is my contemporary".

To illustrate this, he gave as an example the passage from the Gospel of St. Luke, when the disciples of Emmaus returned confused and hopeless. "Jesus goes out to their meeting on the road, accompanies them and does not leave them alone. They recognize him at supper in the breaking of the bread," he said. And he added: "This rite serves to identify that he is alive, the fractio panis is the very first catechesis about the Mass that appears in the Gospel."

Three sessions and one roundtable

The workshop, in which more than eighty people participated, began with welcoming remarks by Fermín Labarga, director of the ISCR. The Deputy Director, Tomás Trigo, acted as moderator .

Professor Juan José Silvestre was the first to speak with a discussion paper entitled: "'Have among yourselves the same sentiments of Christ' (Phil 2:5). Active liturgical participation from St. Pius X to Francis". The second of the sessions focused on 'Mysterium fidei: the garden of Eucharistic symbols' and was given by Professor Arocena at position .

Professor Juan Luis Lorda gave the third session in the morning, which was entitled "Eucharist, Conversion and Identification with Christ" at degree scroll . In the afternoon, the workshop was closed with a roundtable and the submission of the corresponding diplomas of attendance.