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Florence Nightingale: a figure who changed the history of nursing and statistics in the 19th century.

Guadalupe Gómez, Professor of Statistics at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, will give a lecture at seminar room organized by the DATAI of the University of Navarra.

23 | 04 | 2021

The high school of Science of the data and Artificial Intelligence (DATAI) of the University of Navarra, in partnership with the School of Nursing, has organized a seminar room open to the general public about one of the women nurses and statisticians who made history in both fields in the 19th century. At that time Nightingale established the instructions of modern Nursing at the same time that she became a member of the Royal Statistical Society.

The speaker of this talk will be Guadalupe Gómez, Professor of Statistics at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Her talk will take place on the 28th at 1 p.m. in online format (through this link of Zoom).

According to Jesús Fernando López Fidalgo, director of DATAI, Nightingale was chosen because she was "a pioneer in different fields campus and a model to follow; a true innovator who became a legend thanks to the contributions she made to the nursing profession, to health care and to statistics". "In this field," adds the also president of the Society of Statistics and Operations Research, "she is well known because during the Crimean War (1853-56) she collected data, as a nurse, to confirm that soldiers were dying from lack of hygiene rather than from their own war wounds. And to prove it, she invented what is known as the rose graph, with the goal to convince her superiors that the problem lay in the lack of hygiene in the hospitals themselves".