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Medical student Javier Valderrey, best athlete of the University of Navarra

The School also won degree scroll as absolute champion in the Trophy President 2014 after winning in five categories.

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Javier Valderrey (left) collects the award at the Sports Gala 2014.
PHOTO: Manuel Castells
23/05/14 14:52 Laura Latorre

The University of Navarra has closed its sports year with the Sports Gala 2014, in an event in which the School of Medicine won the award for best athlete to the student Javier Valderrey, and absolute champion in the Trophy President after winning in five of the 19 categories and being runner-up in women's basketball.

Valderrey (Medicine) shared the award with the student Amaia Benavente (School of Engineering of San Sebastian - Tecnun).

The other categories in which School won the President Trophy were: women's badminton, basketball, men's 7-a-side soccer, paddle tennis and skiing. It also ranked third in badminton, fencing, soccer conference room and tennis, all in the men's category.

Other outstanding awards were: the award of the Olympic programs of study Center for the Values of Sport, which went to journalist Chus Luengo and the San Ignacio Sports Club; and the three awards of the Trophy President 2014: to Medicina, as best School; to Goimendi, as Best. high school Mayorand to high school Mayor Mendaur and the School of Economics, for their participation.