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Amelia Martí del Moral gives a lecture at lecture on the relationship between Genetics and obesity in Germany.

The professor of the University of Navarra presented new programs of study that identifies the ends of chromosomes as markers of body adiposity.

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Amelia Martí del Moral in a laboratory of the School of Pharmacy.
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23/06/14 10:57 Miriam Salcedo

Amelia Martí del Moral, Professor of Physiology at the School of Pharmacy of the University of Navarra, has participated in the cycle of seminars organized by the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany. Each week, the University Hospital of Essen hosts this event inviting international academics and researchers to give a lecture on their area from specialization. 

On this occasion, the physiology expert gave her presentation at discussion paper entitled"Genetic and Epigenetic Obesity Markers: Lessons from Intervention Studies". In her presentation she discussed the influence of genetic and epigenetic markers of obesity, in particular the possible role of telomeres (chromosome ends) as markers of body adiposity. The results presented have been obtained in the interventions in which the group of research of Professor Martí del Moral works, in partnership with the groups PREDIMED and EVASYON (two national projects that seek, the first, to assess the effects of the Mediterranean per diem expenses in the primary prevention of chronic diseases; and, the second, to study the diet and evaluation of nutritional status in adolescents).

The visit of Professor Martí del Moral is part of a scientificpartnership of more than 10 years with Professor Johannes Hebebrand, from department of Genetics Molecular School of Medicine of the German University. According to Martí del Moral, as a result of this partnership, together with the success of the essay PREDIMED, the German researchers"wish to launch a nutritional intervention study in which they will adapt the Mediterranean per diem expenses to patients with mental illness in hospitals in the Essen region and surrounding areas".

Throughout this long partnership period there have also been several pre-doctoral and postdoctoral stays of researchers and professors of department of Food Science and Physiology of the academic center of Navarra, a internship of mobility international that will continue to be carried out in the future.