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From work end of Degree to the real world: Pablo Perez designed in confinement a swing that iSiMAR has just released for sale.

One year after finishing the degree program, the business has hired this graduate from the first graduating class of design of the School of Architecture

FotoCedida/El graduate en design Pablo Perez is currently working at signature outdoor furniture from Navarre

16 | 06 | 2021

Pablo Perez -graduate of the first graduating class of design of the University of Navarra - has already added several creations to his portfolio of "inventions". To the folding hammer he created last year, called CER O, he now adds an outdoor swing that was his project of the work Fin de Degree in partnership with the business iSiMAR, in June last year. 

The invention took shape, despite the confinement, during his internship at business iSiMAR, dedicated to outdoor furniture. There it has become a reality and this May it is one of the novelties of the 2021 catalog.

"I met the business in a subject with Professor Francesco Faccin on design of furniture. During my Erasmus in Italy, I contacted iSiMAR and when I came back, in February, I already had a quotation to talk about my TFG with managers and product designers the business. The goal was to decide among all of them which projects they were most interested in developing. We evaluated projects as varied as outdoor lamps or new materials for products from their collections... And finally we decided to create a swing based on their Bologna collection," recalls the designer from Navarre.

"Luckily, when the confinement started in March, I had the project pretty much on track. And although the internship was postponed, I continued with the TFG with financial aid and committee both from iSiMAR and its art directors, from ILMIODesign and from another studio of design of furniture from Navarre: DVELAS. In the end I was able to present the project with a full-scale model in steel of the swing, which iSiMAR was kind enough to make so that it could be hung at the University on the day of the defenses", he emphasizes.

From internship to first contract

Last summer Pablo was able to resume his internship until December and in January of this year he was hired as a product designer at business in Navarra, where he is responsible for a wide range of tasks: "From helping in factory tasks, improving and providing information for workers, to participating in the development of new products, preparing 3D modeling and rendering, monitoring or even generating content for subsequent promotion on the website and social networks," says Pablo. 

"In iSiMAR we are very happy to be able to share the different projects of development product with Pablo. The possibility of adding to the team profiles recently graduated in design brings us a young and creative vision that is very enriching in each project. In the same way, we consider it essential to support young people in their first steps in the labor market and we will continue to offer this subject of opportunities", underlines Saioa Ardaiz, Product Designer at business Navarra. For their part, Luis Unceta and Eduardo Ruiz de Velasco -partners of business iSiMAR and both alumni of the University of Navarra- agree on the value of having young graduates at design: It is a very relevant injection of talent to our company, in addition to sharing many of the values promoted by the University".