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"Our athletes have had to adapt their schedules and manage uncertainty under the best conditions."

FotoYoutube/JoséManuel Franco, president of the committee Superior de Deportes

23 | 06 | 2021

The president of the committee Superior Sports Council, José Manuel Franco, visited us last June, in a new session of the Sports and Society Forum. The degree scroll of his discussion paper was "The challenges of Spanish sport before the Tokyo Olympic Games".

In relation to the pandemic, he explained that our athletes have had to adapt their calendars and manage the uncertainty in the best conditions. As a result, the CSD has placed sport at the forefront of the de-escalation priority in our country.

He also highlighted Spain as one of the top countries in the world in terms of the ratio of athletes attending the Olympic Games to its population.

In reference letter to future challenges, José Manuel Franco explained that the CSD will work on a new Spanish sports model . To this end, they are promoting a series of regulations for update the sports legal system to the present and future of Spain. The aim is to adapt the sports law to current times.

He also pointed out that Spain must continue to be a place for fair play reference letter and made reference letter to the regulation of sports professions. As a sports figure, he pointed out that sport accounts for 3.3% of our country's GDP.

And in reference letter to the pandemic he explained that the sports sector has withstood the pandemic better than the rest of the Economics as a whole. For example, the number of members of issue has fallen by less than 2.6%.

The sports sector has 41,000 companies directly or indirectly involved and 400,000 jobs. Seventy-five percent of the jobs generated by sports are work jobs for people under 40 years of age.

The CSD wants to focus on the digitalization of the sports sector, the ecological transition and investment in the social plan of sport.