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Some data on the contribution of the University of Navarra to the region of Navarre

23/10/13 17:36
  1. data on the direct contribution of the University to Economics navarra:

  • 250 million euros annual turnover (University + CUN + CIMA)

  • 3% of Navarre's GDP

  • Approximately 4,000 direct jobs in Pamplona alone (UN, CUNy CIMA)

  • Contribution of workers to the regional coffers via personal income tax, VAT, etc.

  • University: 5,500 students/year non-Navarrese.

  • CUN: 70,000 non-Navarrese patients/year; 192,000 consultations; 11,500 operations.

  • This volume of non-Navarrese people encourages commercial services in the city (accommodation, restaurants, transportation, leisure, etc.), with the corresponding creation of jobs at work.

  1. Attraction of capital: through biomedical projects and congresses in Pamplona. Also thanks to fundraising from various university entities. Among others, the Foundation for Applied Medical research (FIMA, 20 million euros/year) or the association de Amigos (ADA, which annually provides 6 million euros in donations from all over the world).

  2. Investment in the construction of new buildings:

  • Amigos Building (2009-2012) = 16.7 million euros

  • University of Navarra Museum (2012-2015) = 24 million euros.

In both cases, 100% of the construction was awarded to companies from Navarra and around 200 jobs were created in 2011-2013.

  1. Biomedical and pharmaceutical spin-offs: several companies have been born thanks to the applied research of CUN + CIMA + Schools.

  1. expense annual direct investment in suppliers in Navarre: 10 million euros

  1. Talent attraction: professors, doctors and researchers from all over the world.

  1. International diffusion of the "Navarra" brand:

  • 325 active agreements with universities, including 10 that are among the top 50 in the world according to the QS ranking.

  • In the last decade, the University of Navarra is the first university in Spain in the issue of End of Year Awards degree program in relation to its issue of students.

  • Presence of the University of Navarra in international rankings in the top 3% group (there are 17,000 universities worldwide):

    • QS University 2013: 315th in the world - 44 places better than in 2012.

    • The Times 2013: group 351-400. Fifth Spanish university in absolute terms, after four public universities in Madrid and Barcelona.

  1. Green lung of the city: with its 100 hectares of land, the campus of the University of Navarra is the largest park in the city and is home to the largest issue of animal and tree species.

All this activity receives practically no subsidies from the Government of Navarra or the City Council of Pamplona. Therefore, it does not involve any detraction of public funds or cost for the citizens.