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"Given the lack of consensus, we have decided to terminate the agreement on Donapea".

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The President, Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero.
PHOTO: Santiago González Barros
23/10/13 17:35

On March 18, 2011, the University of Navarra, the Foundation for Applied Medical research (FIMA) and the Government of Navarra, with the support of University Secretary of the Socialist Party of Navarra (PSN), signed a protocol, which proposed the transfer of the Professional training Center of Donapea to a new headquarters and the acquisition of the site and the building by FIMA, in order to install three new research centers (Tropical Health, Bioengineering and Nutrition) there.

These new centers would entail, in the coming years, the creation of a good issue number of qualified work positions, in addition to a significant investment. The agreement established conditions and deadlines, according to which the University could acquire Donapea, at a price set by independent appraisers, in September 2013. The signature of agreement was the culmination of a negotiation process, which gave way to the desire of the Government and the PSN to strengthen the training Professional and the University's plans to create new centers research, along the lines of CIMA.

The spirit of negotiation was always one of consensus. requirements The then President, Ángel J. Gómez-Montoro, repeatedly stated that, for the University, the project had two goals: that it should be born in a climate of the broadest possible consensus and that it should be positive for the parties involved, the centers of training Professional and the centers of research. This climate was maintained up to the time of the signature and also afterwards, for some time, as can be seen in the newspaper archives. However, in recent months, the political context has changed and the initial spirit of understanding has been altered. In fact, the project is now a factor of discord and confrontation of opinions, all of them legitimate.

Given the lack of consensus, the University of Navarra has decided to terminate the agreement, a possibility contemplated in the protocol signed in March 2011. I have so informed the President of the Government of Navarra at statement . With this step we hope to contribute to the recovery of concord, which is the appropriate context to promote any project in the field of Education and research.

As of today, the University will open a period of reflection, during which it will re-examine the future of the centers at research. Although we are not yet in a position to specify how, I would like to confirm to the researchers that we will do everything possible to move forward with the new centers.

I would like to thank the support and trust that many people and institutions have shown throughout this process. I would also like to thank the Government of Navarra, and in particular its President, for her loyalty to the commitments made to signature of agreement.

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