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Internet: the marketplace of the 21st century

Entrepreneurs Club organizes two sessions on the potential of the web

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Diego Cenzano during his session at the Entrepreneurs Club. PHOTO: Miguel Ángel Echávarri
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Diana Gonzalez. PHOTO: Manuel Castells
24/01/14 12:21 Miguel Ángel Echávarri

The Internet is undoubtedly the sector that has undergone the most changes (and continues to do so), both in terms of relevance and usefulness. It is the medium that almost everyone uses enquiry and, if it is several times a day, so much the better. But, in addition to entertainment or information, the Internet is a potential sector for business. Social networks are already part of the curriculum and the image in cyberspace is as or more important than that of the store (if there is one). For this reason, the Entrepreneurs Club decided to dedicate a week to the souk of our era.

Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter?

Diana González, entrepreneur and co-founder of Edentity, came to the Entrepreneurs Club of the University of Navarra to talk about her specialization program: digital identity, that is, what one does or says on the Internet, what others say about oneself and what others see. Because everyone has a digital identity: anyone can find information about another person on the Internet. Recruiters or clients, for example, often look at this information before making any decision.

During the session "Social networks and professional environment". Diana Gonzalez showed the benefits of planning the online presence from self-knowledge and oriented towards our objectives:

  • The starting point is you. Before deciding which social network to be on or what to do on each one, you have to know yourself. "Your digital identity will depend on who you are, who you want to listen to you and what you want to achieve.

  • Choose and listen to your audience. It is important to know who to target in order to reach goal and to analyze how these people behave on social networks. "In the case that your goal is to find a employment, follow your University, institutions that grant scholarships, services of employment, and study their activity".

  • You are unique: differentiate yourself. When developing a strategy, it is essential to identify the features that make the difference. "In this way it will be easier to get goal to follow us, hire us or buy our product". Because everyone has something that makes them unique; it is necessary to find it and show it.

  • In addition, it must be taken into account that everything you do on the Internet communicates. Therefore, any element can be used to make a difference, even choosing one social network instead of another (moreover, the fact of not finding any profile of a person or business on the Internet tends to generate distrust).

Diana González emphasized the fact that the development of digital identity is especially useful if you are conducting an active job searchor if you are starting to develop a professional degree program . "Social networks are very present in selection processes and a well-kept identity can provide you with a added value and differentiate you from the rest of the candidates," she said.

Business at the click of a button

Diego Cenzano is a journalist, although his work focuses on consultancy service in digital marketing as director general manager of Biko. In the "New business opportunities thanks to the Internet" section, the following topics were predominant e-commerce (commerce on the web) and mobile applications, better known as 'apps'.from the perspective of their evolution and the variety of types and models that currently make digital business possible. Even so, Cenzano highlighted five characteristics that, although they are not the keys to success, are indispensable for success in Internet business:

  • Differentiation. When setting up a business, it is necessary to focus on a specific product or on a specificapproach . Because the geographical factor is no longer a limit and there may be several online stores offering the same product at a similar price. "But the one that, in addition, has a home delivery service and in a short time -we always demand immediacy-, is the one that will attract the customer's attention".

  • Experience. Just as important is the experience that the business has in the sector, in the service or in the quality as the one experienced by the Username that enters a web page. "A shopper at experiences that he or she is shopping at Zara. The difference is only in the on and off line."

  • Personalization. The greater the capacity to suggest and personalize a proposal based on user criteria, the greater the chances of getting it right. "The clearest example is Amazon, the great king of personalization, which bases its book recommendations, for example, on purchases that have already been made".

  • Price. It is an element core topic and that is why it must be taken into account. There are those who look for the best price in the market but there are also the first ones who buy a product and do it at a higher price simply because they are pioneers. Therefore, depending on the product and the target audience, the price factor must be carefully considered. 

  • SOLOMO: social-local-mobile. The idea is that any business bet is closely linked to the activity of users, to social networks. In addition, it must be able to reach and distribute quickly at the local level to serve the product at competitive prices and efficiently. And, finally, taking into account the mobile, because today it is the tool fundamental to be successful and an element core topic that has been incorporated into the world of Internet business in recent years.

Bill Gates once said that "the Internet is becoming the place of tomorrow's global village people". By the looks of it, tomorrow is not far away.