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The IX National congress of the Spanish Bioethics and Medical Ethics association brings together 150 specialists in Pamplona.

The meeting will analyze bioethics from the perspective of multidisciplinary

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Professor José López-Guzmán, member of the organizing committee .
PHOTO: Manuel Castells
24/10/13 12:41 Laura Latorre

Bioethics understood from a multidisciplinary perspective will be the focus of discussion of the IX National congress of the association Spanish Association of Bioethics and Medical Ethics (AEBI) to be held at the University of Navarra on Friday 25 and Saturday 26.

The event, aimed at both the scientific community and society in general, will be attended by 150 people, mostly from Spain, but also from countries such as Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela and Chile.

Professor José López-Guzmán, member of the organizing committee , trusts that "new lines of research will emerge from the work of these days and that teams of work in bioethics will be consolidated". He also emphasizes that the goal of the AEBI is to take the bioethics discussion to all corners of Spain: "It has already been held in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona or Malaga, on this occasion Pamplona has been chosen because several members of the board board are from here and we believe it could be of interest to our community".

Under the common core "The universal language of bioethics", round tables and communications on Bioethics and Humanities, Bioethics and Law, Bioethics and Science or Bioethics and Communication, with the participation of experts from the University of Navarra, the Universitá Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid, the Universidad Internacional de Cataluña or the Universidad de Valladolid.

In addition, on Saturday 26, a symposium will be held for spanish medical residency program, spanish pharmacy residency program , biochemistry residency program and spanish psychology residency program , based on the resolution of clinical cases of ethical relevance. The program will close with the presentation of the book"El embrión ficticio: Historia de un mito biológico", by Full Professor of Anatomy patológica Gonzalo Herranz.

Prior to the professional meeting , today, Thursday 24, the I University Bioethics congress will be held with the participation of 70 students.