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Back to 2016_2_25 FECLES Noticia: El Instituto Superior de Ciencias Religiosas publica Filosofía de la Ciencia

The high school Higher School of Religious Sciences publishes "Philosophy of Science".

This is the fourth volume of the collection of philosophical and theological textbooks.

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Professor Rubén Herce PHOTO: Manuel Castells
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Cover of the book "Philosophy de la Ciencia". PHOTO: Courtesy
25/02/16 18:24 Fina Trèmols Garanger

The University of Navarra has published "Philosophy de la Ciencia", fourth volume of the "Colección Manuales ISCR", published by EUNSA. The book consists of nine chapters, which address, among other topics: philosophical reflection on science, the main current trends in the Philosophy of Science, the scientific method, scientific truth, the relationship between science, reason, faith and ethics. It also offers practical exercises, bibliography where you can expand the knowledge acquired, as well as websites of interest. Its author is Rubén Herce, Associate Professor of Philosophy of Science in the School Ecclesiastical Philosophy ofthe University of Navarra, and secretary of the group of research Science, Reason and Faith(CRYF).

"With this book I have tried to facilitate the knowledge of the Philosophy of Science and scientific activity to many people, through a simple synthesis, but not simple; profound, but not inaccessible," comments Professor Herce. "As the central topic of the book I have tried to answer the question of what subject of knowledge Science provides us with about reality; and how this knowledge is integrated in the whole of human knowledge".

The "ISCR Manuals Collection" aims to make the Christian training compatible with a high professional quality; for this it has the academic support of the University of Navarra, especially of the Schools Ecclesiastical. The other titles published in this collection are: "Introduction to Theology", "Ethics" and "Mariology".