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15 years of hobby

28 | 02 | 2022


Constanza participated in her first painting contest at the age of four. It was in Cañete, her hometown, south of Lima. She remembers that day perfectly: "I went with my sisters. We had to make a drawing from 4 or 5 lines they gave us. And I don't know how, but I won".

From that moment on, Constanza began to draw. And she did it constantly: "In many classes I would start drawing, and my teachers would tell me to stop, but I could concentrate better that way! For her, it's not only a way of expressing herself, but also of learning: "It's an exploration tool . Drawing teaches me to observe more carefully, to pay more attention to details. You financial aid to sharpen your gaze more. Thus, everything you find tells you stories".

That's why Constanza doesn't leave home without a small logbook that fits in her coat pocket. "I was given my first one six years ago, and since then I've always had it with me. And thanks to that, she can draw at any time, which is precisely what she enjoys: "I like to paint what I have at hand, to capture every moment. And when I look at the drawings later, they help me to remember those moments much better.

That passion was also what made him bet on the degree program he is doing now. He considered studying History, Journalism, Biology, Audiovisual Communication... and in the end he decided on design. "I realized that I could combine all my tastes with that degree program. Now, for example, I am drawing technical data sheets of different types of species".

He does not know how far he will go with this hobby, but for the moment he has already managed to have his watercolors exhibited in two places in Pamplona: in February they were exhibited in a store in the Casco Viejo, and during the whole of March they will be exhibited in a cafeteria of the place of the City Hall.

Constanza is clear that you don't need a special talent to draw: "Besides being observant, the only thing you need to draw well is to practice a lot, because the technique is eventually acquired. It's never too late to start.

Fifteen years after that first contest in Peru, Constanza is still painting in Pamplona. Before leaving, she is clear about one of her goals: "I have to make a good print of the Central". We will stay tuned.