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The transformative power of inclusivity, topic of some conference of the University of Navarra

The 9th edition of "Training to Understand Disability", organised by Tantaka, starts on Monday 28th.

25 | 02 | 2022

The transformative power of inclusivity is the topic of the 9th edition of conference "Training to Understand Disability", which will begin on Monday 28th. During four sessions, which will take place on that and the following three Mondays, the participants will discuss how inclusivity is transforming the world in four areas: society, technology, organisations and the university Education .

Organised by Tantaka, the University of Navarra's solidarity time bank, at partnership with the Iddeas Foundation, the course will begin with a talk by Gonzalo Rivas, who will focus on social transformation. An advocate for the rights of people with disabilities, he has worked as University Secretary of the Andalusian Confederation of People with Disabilities and as president of COCEMFE. In his speech, he will highlight the changes made in Spanish society over the last 40 years in this field. 

The second session, on 14 March, will feature Javier Pita, an entrepreneur with experience in technology startups. He is currently CEO of Neosistec, a startup that has launched numerous successful technological products worldwide, such as NaviLens, a tool that facilitates accessibility for the visually impaired, and has received several innovation awards from prestigious international institutions. 

The last two sessions will be round tables in which ideas and experiences will be exchanged between different organisations seeking inclusivity. Joseba Asiain, director general of Presidency and Open Government of the Government of Navarre will share his perspectives from the sphere of the Administration, together with Virginia Carcedo, administrative assistant general of Inserta employment, and Fredi López and Pau Solé, people with disabilities and qualified professionals at Acciona Energía.

On the last day, the course will offer an introspective session where university professors and students will talk about how inclusivity changes the way they see their professional future.