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Tecnun, at the framework of Urban Klima 2050, awards photographs that make the effects of climate change visible

The photography competition "Tecklima 2050" has counted with the participation of the Councilor for Sustainable Tourism, Cristina Lagé.

PhotoPaulaBerroa/Raúl Fernández (director Hotel Arbaso), Cristina Lagé (Sustainable Tourism Councilor), Elena Narvarte (Hotel Arbaso) , Raúl Antón (director de Tecnun), David Tijero (award Arbaso), Adriana Uribesalgo (director of project Kafea), Estitxu Fernández (award La Perla), Victor Peñas (award Ekomodo) and Joaquin Ezaguirre (representing Marta del Val, award Kafea).

25 | 02 | 2022

The competition has counted with the sponsorship of Hotel Arbaso, La Perla San Sebastian, Nekatur, Ekomodo and Kafea.

Tecnun, at framework of Urban Klima 2050, has awarded five photographs that make visible the effects that climate change is having in the Basque Country. goal The "Tecklima2050 " contest "aimed toraise awareness among citizens, especially young people, encouraging them to participate by sharing images on their social networks". This was explained by the professor of Tecnun, School of Engineering of the University of Navarra, Cinta Lomba, at the Awards Ceremony submission that took place this morning. The Councilor for Sustainable Tourism, Cristina Lagé, presented the award of the City Council of San Sebastian. In her speech she emphasized the cross-cutting role of tourism "which is also an industry and requires it to be sustainable in all its layers: social, economic, scientific and environmental".

It is worth mentioning the sponsorship of Hotel Arbaso, La Perla San Sebastian, Nekatur, Ekomodo and Kafea that "has allowed the winners to enjoy gifts and bonuses, which has helped us to have a high participation", as reflected Lomba.   


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 "Most of the photos we have received have focused on the effects caused by extreme events, such as torrential rains and heat waves, although it also highlights the sensitivity for the fauna and flora of our environment, as part affected by these effects," detailed the Tecnun professor.

It should be noted that the competition is part of the framework of project Urban Klima 2050 of which Tecnun is part as partner along with 20 other entities. "Within our work is to promote the commitment and empowerment of the populationwith actions of this style," contextualized Josune Hernantes, also a professor at Tecnun. "In addition, from the School we are contributing directly, together with other partner entities of Urban Klima 2050, in several projects that will lead to new models of climate governance in the Basque Country or to the management of critical infrastructures for the fight against climate change," said Hernantes, who together with Lomba is leading this project at the School.