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Inés Irurita gives a seminar on the background of the VascoPress confidential agency.

The meeting was organized by the group of research in Recent History (GIHRE).

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Inés Irurita PHOTO: Courtesy
25/04/16 12:00

Inés Irurita, deputy director of the file General of the University of Navarra (AGUN), presented at a seminar on April 7 a new fund made available to researchers these days: the bulletin confidential of the Agencia VascoPress. The activity was organized by the group of research in Recent History (GIHRE). 

VascoPress was a news agency of the Basque Country, based in Bilbao, founded in 1982, with Antonio Petit Caro as its first director, and which closed its doors in July 2015, its director being Guillermina Rodrigo.

It arose through the initiative of several journalists from Bilbao, and specialized in covering news in the Basque Country. La Gaceta del Norte of Bilbao, and specialized in covering the current news in the Basque Country, whether local, economic, political or cultural news. It was also dedicated with special interest to the terrorist group ETA. Among the services it offered were news, chronicles, reports and documentation. The agency has worked with journalists such as Charo Zarzalejos, José Luis Blanco Zamora and Florencio Domínguez.

The prestige of the publication meant that many people in management positions did not hesitate to subscribe to a service that some newspapers did not receive due to its high price. It was a refined, well-made product, based on the prestige of particularly well-informed journalists.

The complete collection is currently available to researchers.