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University and Onesta join forces to promote wood and its use in construction

FotoManuelCastells/In the signature, Álvaro Balibrea, General Manager of the University of Navarra, and Francisco Espejo, CEO of Onesta, accompanied by representatives of the two institutions.

25 | 04 | 2022

The Onesta business corporation and the University of Navarra have signed an agreement partnership agreementin favour of the Chair Madera de la School of Architecture. One of the aims of this Chairis to disseminate and give relevance to the management forest heritage and to develop a culture of wood as a material and its use in construction. As a result of this agreement, Onesta will collaborate in its activities and financing for the next 4 years.

Aware of the importance of wood throughout the history of architecture and its role in society's development, both institutions have joined forces to work towards the recognition of wood as an attractive, durable and ecological material. The ChairMadera was born in 2010, thanks to the impulse of the Government of Navarra, as a result of the conviction of the importance of an adequate managementof the forest heritage, of the need to develop a culture of wood and to promote its use in constructive applications.

This initiative of the School of Architecture, which has been running for more than a decade, is made up of a solid interdisciplinary group of experts, group, who work to bring wood and its benefits closer to society, disseminating and promoting its use as an alternative to build more natural and healthy environments.

For its part, Onesta, with more than 60 years leading the sector, integrates the wood value chain through its different business divisions. It works to guarantee the quality and traceability of products from their origin to their application in industrial, construction and decorative projects. With the signatureof this agreementOnesta strengthens its commitment to research, innovation and environmental protection as instructionsof an orderly and sustainable growth of the wood sector. 

The ChairMadera gives courses and seminars, organises scientific meetings and conferences, develops researchprojects and collaborates in the edition and publication of works of interest. It also collaborates in the developmentof the structural rules and regulationsat European level, known as Eurocode 5.