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Back to 44 ponentes de 14 países participan en el Congreso Internacional Viajes y ciudades míticas en Cuzco

44 speakers from 14 countries participate in the congress International "Travels and mythical cities" in Cuzco

The meeting was co-organized by GRISO, the Universidad del Pacífico and the Instituto de programs of study Auriseculares.

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Ignacio Arellano (GRISO-University of Navarra) and Martina Vinatea (Universidad del Pacífico) at the closing ceremony of congress. PHOTO: Courtesy
25/06/14 17:25 Carlos Mata

Recently, the Internationalcongress "Travels and mythical cities" was held in Cuzco (Peru), co-organized by the group of research Siglo de Oro (GRISO) of the University of Navarra, the University of the Pacific (Lima, Peru) and the Institute of programs of study Auriseculares (IDEA), at partnership with the Archbishopric of Cuzco.

The program included a total of 44 presentations by researchers from 14 countries: Spain, France, Portugal, United Kingdom, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, United States and New Zealand. In addition to its marked international character, it is also worth mentioning the approach multidisciplinary of meeting. The central topic -journeys and travelers, discoverers, mythical cities in history, in the chronicles and relations of the Indies, in the theater of the Golden Age, in other literary works- has been approached from historical, literary, artistic, anthropological, linguistic and cinematographic perspectives.

The following participated on behalf of GRISO-University of Navarra Ignacio Arellanowho spoke on "La mística Sión, ciudad y paraíso, en los autos sacramentales de Calderón"; Álvaro Baraibarwith discussion paper "Héspero y las Hespérides en la Historia general del reino de Chile de Diego de Rosales" (Hesperus and the Hesperides in the General History of the Kingdom of Chile by Diego de Rosales); and Carlos Mata Induráinon "Arauco, espacio de guerra: territorio y conflicto bélico en un corpus de comedias auriseculares" and also presented "El Instituto de programs of study Auriseculares (IDEA) y su colección "Batihoja"".

The academic program was completed with the festive activities of Corpus Christi in Cuzco, plus a series of guided visits to the Archbishop's Religious Circuit, organized by the Archbishopric of Cuzco, courtesy of Bishop Juan Antonio Ugarte Perez.

Second congress in the framework of the Corpus Christi of Cuzco.

At the opening ceremony, Professor Martina Vinatea, co-director of congress, thanked GRISO-University of Navarra for the trust placed by GRISO-Universidad de Navarra in the Universidad del Pacífico for the organization of this new international meeting . It should be noted that already in June 2012 the GRISO, the University of the Pacific and the Institute of programs of study Auriseculares (IDEA) had co-organized a first meeting in the city of Cuzco, also framed in the feast of Corpus Christi, which had as topic "Teatro y fiesta popular y religiosa".