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Humor, a resource to understand the different perspectives of the cities.

Illustrators such as César Oroz, 'Klaus' or 'Focho', the lecturer Carlos Andreu, the psychiatrist Luis Gutiérrez Rojas and experts in architecture participate in a summer course at the University.

25 | 08 | 2022

Approaching the reality of cities, understanding their characteristics and symbolic values or analyzing their weaknesses and potentials are some of the objectives that the course aims to cover. summer course 'Humor, drawing and city'. of the University at partnership with the high school Official Basque-Navarrese Architects' Association.

Taking humor as a starting point as resource to get to know this reality, the course which will take place on September 1 and 2 at the Palacio del Condestable, will include renowned illustrators such as César Oroz, Koldo Lus 'Klaus' or Justo Isasi 'Focho', the lecturer Carlos Andreu, the psychiatrist Luis Gutiérrez Rojas and architecture experts such as Professor Enrique Bordes, from the Pontifical University of Madrid, and professors and researchers from group SEPARATA of the University'sSchool of Architecture .

The program proposes two optional practical workshops in the morning, led by a professor from School of Architecture and by the illustrator and professor at the University of Zaragoza Koldo Lus 'Klaus'. "They will seek to launch an intelligent look at a chosen iconic city, and to do so from the possibilities offered by the graphic world," explains University of Navarra professor Héctor García-Diego.
In the afternoon, the topic humor will be approached in an abstract and scientific way with the interventions of specialists Luis Gutiérrez Rojas and Carlos Andreu. Then, graphic artists will show some of their works that have been concerned with the topic of the city and its architecture. Likewise, the conference will conclude with two round tables in which all attendees will be invited to participate in the discussion.

The program, framed in the summer courses of the universities of Navarre, is aimed at anyone interested in drawing, wit, satire, current affairs, the ironic look. To participate it is necessary to register in advance through this website.