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A joint initiative of the Hospital Centro de Cuidados Laguna and the ICS, awarded by the high school de Médicos de Madrid

The training course of Teachers of Palliative Care has received the award 'Vicente Pozuelo'.

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Director Illustrious members of ICONEM and the Vicente Pozuelo Foundation, together with Dr. Noguera, the General Director of LAGUNA, Mr. Francisco Bermudez, and the President of ICONEM, Mrs. Sonia Lopez Arribas. PHOTO: Courtesy
25/10/13 16:16

The training course of Professors in Palliative Care, organized by the Hospital Centro de Cuidados Laguna and the ATLANTES Program of the Institute for Culture and Society (ICS) of the University of Navarra, has received the award 'Dr. Vicente Pozuelo Escudero'. Awarded by the Illustrious high school of Doctors of Madrid (ICOMEM), the award distinguishes the best initiative in favor of the humanization of medicine and is endowed with 5,000 euros.

Antonio Noguera, Deputy Director physician of the Hospital Centro de Cuidados Laguna and professor of Master's Degree of Palliative Care in Nursing at the University of Navarra, collected the award on behalf of the two institutions during the ceremony of submission, held at the headquarters of high school.

The II edition of training course of Teachers in Palliative Care was held in April 2013. The teachers were Antonio Noguera; Carlos Centeno, director of the ATLANTES Program and manager of Palliative Medicine of the Clínica Universidad de Navarra; Gustavo de Simone, specialist in Medical Oncology and Associate Professor a la Chair of Palliative Medicine and Quality of Life of the Universidad del Salvador de Buenos Aires; and Ruthmarijke Smeding, PhD in Psychology and specialist in the development of teaching methodology to train in palliative care.

18 years of international experience

The course is based on 18 years of international experience. Since its first edition, it has been held in more than 10 countries and has had participants of more than 20 nationalities. In 2012, the first edition was held in Spanish at the headquarters of the Center of training of the Hospital Centro de Cuidados Laguna. It was endorsed by the School of Medicine and the ICS of the University of Navarra, and was aimed at physicians with experience in palliative care. The second edition was offered in 2013.

The Hospital Centro de Cuidados Laguna, located in Madrid, is a center specialized in the care of people suffering from advanced diseases, in need of palliative care, and elderly people who demand attendance. It is promoted by the Vianorte-Laguna Foundation, a non-profit organization created in 2006.

The project ATLANTES seeks to support and promote a change of mentality in society and in medicine regarding the end of life. In its theoretical part, it aims to deepen the anthropological and spiritual principles of palliative care. In its strategic part, it seeks to convey to society the fundamentally positive message of palliative care, making the different social actors aware of its importance, analyzing the internationaldevelopment of this specialization program, and identifying barriers and opportunities for future professionals in the sector.