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Members of DATAI participate in the 2nd meeting of the committee advisor of IA+IGUAL

The committee advisor of IA+IGUAL, at partnership with the DATAI team, is developing the first model algorithmic audit for tools applied to the labor market.

FotoIA+IGUAL/RubénArmañanzas, Iván Cordón or Elena Martín de Diego are some of the members of the DATAI team that participated in the meeting.

IA+Igual audit team presented in the second meeting of committee advisor , the model of Algorithmic Audit developed to detect and mitigate biases in the use of Artificial Intelligence applied to human resources processes. As this is a high-risk area , according to the classification made by the EU, "IA+Igual is carrying out a deep research work in which technical and humanist profiles converge to achieve a model that puts the person at the center of the algorithm", explains Marisa Cruzado, creator of this innovative project.

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