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The alumni of the University of Navarra in Lleida visit INGROUP

The visit took place at the Lleida facilities, offering a unique perspective on the application of 4.0 technology in the local and global business fabric.

The Territorial Group of alumni of the University of Navarra in Lleida organized a visit to INGROUP, business leader in the implementation of advanced technological solutions. This meeting offered alumni the opportunity to learn about the advances in 4.0 technology and its impact on business and society.

The visit allowed participants to explore the facilities of different companies integrated in INGROUP and participate in an enriching dialogue on how technology can be a driver of positive change and development sustainable. "Seeing how our training and values are applied in the real world, especially in such innovative sectors, motivates us to continue contributing to our society," said Joan de Santiago, president of the Agrupación Territorial de alumni, who was grateful to be able to share vision and projects with INGROUP.

Joan Folguera, CEO of INGROUP, highlighted the importance of building bridges between the academic and business worlds: "The partnership with educational institutions and their graduates is fundamental. These synergies allow us not only to advance technologically but also to ensure that our growth as business goes hand in hand with social progress and the welfare of the community".

This meeting is a sample of the interest and dedication of the Territorial Group of alumni to promote the integration of humanistic values in the business fabric, thus promoting a more humane and sustainable development . "Examples such as INGROUP," added de Santiago, "allow us to remember that true success lies not only in achieving professional goals but also in how our actions contribute to the collective well-being and the development of our community."