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Two runner-up prizes in Biology and Biochemistry in the National End-of-Degree Awards. degree program

Adrián César Razquin and Iñigo Olalde have been distinguished for their university programs of study and will receive an award of 2,200 euros each.

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Iñigo Olalde and Adrián César
PHOTO: Cedidas
26/05/14 12:06 Laura Latorre

Adrián César and Iñigo Olalde, graduates in Biology and Biochemistry , respectively, from the University of Navarra, have obtained two runner-up prizes out of the 52 awarded by the Ministry of Education in the National Awards for the end of the 2010-2011 academic year degree program .

These awards, worth 2,200 euros each, honor the students who have most brilliantly completed their programs of study university studies.

After his studies at the University of Navarra, Adrián César moved to the University of Geneva (Switzerland) as an Erasmus student to study 5th year of Biology. Once he finished programs of study he was offered the possibility of doing a Master in Proteomics and Bioinformatics at the same center, for which he had a scholarship of La Caixa for programs of study of postgraduate program in Europe. group "Idid the project master's degree at the Computational Evolutionary Genomics Group (CEGG)," recalls this Pamplona native who lives in Vienna (Austria), where he is working at the Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (CeMM), doctorate .

A biochemist in the high school of Evolutionary Biology

The news of award was received with satisfaction, as well as his colleague Iñigo Olalde. The latter is doing his second year of his doctoral thesis in Barcelona, specifically in the laboratory of paleogenomics directed by Professor Carles Lalueza, at high school of Evolutionary Biology. He first studied the Master's Degree of Genetics Advanced at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

"It was Professor Lalueza who offered me, after my internship at Master's Degree, to stay and do my doctoral thesis at his group", he emphasizes. The research of this researcher from Vitoria focuses on the sequencing of the genome of prehistoric humans, and he has already published his first article in the journal Nature.