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The University's Full Professor Ignacio López-Goñi receives the award de knowledge dissemination Scientific Fundación Lilly-Apadrina la Ciencia

FotoCedida/Fromleft to right: Juanjo Sanz Ezquerro, co-founder of Apadrina la Ciencia; Ignacio López-Goñi, winner of the award de knowledge dissemination Científica Fundación Lilly-Apadrina la Ciencia, and José Antonio Sacristán, director of the Fundación Lilly.

26 | 11 | 2021

Ignacio López-Goñi, Full Professor of microbiology at the University of Navarra and author of the blog microBIO, has been awarded the award de knowledge dissemination Científica Fundación Lilly-Apadrina la Ciencia. The submission took place during the quotation con la Ciencia 21: "research and development, investiga y divulga", an initiative of the Fundación Lilly in which scientists and popularizers have defended the importance of scientific knowledge dissemination to confront disinformation and pseudoscience and to form critical citizens.

Professor Ignacio López-Goñi pointed out that a modern institution knows that, through the knowledge dissemination of its scientists, in addition to gaining visibility, it can reach audiences that it could not reach in any other way". He also insisted that "the first step a scientist must take is to generate good knowledge, and then disseminate it".

José Antonio Sacristán, director of the Lilly Foundation, stressed that over the last two decades numerous initiatives, both individual and institutional, have been carried out to bring science closer to citizens and to make society aware that science is part of our daily lives. "Appointments with Science is conceived as a space for reflection and advancement in those aspects transversal to science that are key to society, and the scientific knowledge dissemination is one of them," he added.

The Lilly Foundation, which this year celebrates its 20th anniversary, has as goal contribute to the development of the Spanish health system for the benefit of the health of citizens; promote Science and research, as well as the promotion of scientific culture and knowledge dissemination among society; encourage the development of Medicine through the generation of biomedical knowledge , its dissemination, the training of professionals and the medical Education ; and promote the fundamental values of Humanism in the field of health.