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Newsletter of the website

27/01/12 11:08

With the start of the new year comes news. All of them are included in the January 2012 Newsletter that has been sent to the 893 users currently registered on the website.

First of all, a new section of the website has been opened in which the team of researchers, coordinated by Dr. Jokin de Irala, answers the questions that parents and educators ask most frequently at conferences and courses. This section, which currently has 40 questions, will be progressively expanded. In addition, a second webquest "What can I do to protect myself from sexually transmitted infections?" has been developed. It is a didactic resource to carry out a guided research on the best strategy to prevent STIs.

On the other hand, the didactic guides of the 2nd edition of the book Biology and Geology of 3rd ESO-Life and Health are available on the web, and can be of great financial aid for teachers, educators and parents. Teenagers and young adults have the possibility of consulting the didactic resources of this book in the web site www.joveneshoy.orgcreated specifically for them.

Finally, a scientific article on the meaning of the average age of sexual debut has been published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior. It emphasizes that correctly interpreting the average age of sexual debut variable is particularly important because, if misinterpreted, it may increase pressure on young people who have not had sex and may hinder educational and public health interventions aimed at delaying sexual initiation.