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Institute for Culture and Society: participation in activities of other centers and universities (February 2015)

27/02/15 10:51 ICS

Emotional culture and identity

Ana Marta González dictated the lecture 'Orienting in the emotional culture. The human roots of freedom', at the meeting for Managers of Schools de Comunicación held at School de Comunicación of campus on February 11.


Education of Affectivity and Human Sexuality

Jokin de Irala gave on February 7 a seminar on affectivity to seminarians living in the Bidasoa (Pamplona). high school Mayor Bidasoa (Pamplona)



Carlos Beltramo offered a course at training for teachers in Santiago de Chile (association SEDUC) on the use of the book Quiero Querer Books and, on the other hand, on the Education of character and affectivity. The sessions took place on February 26 and 27.

Mind-Brain Group

José Ignacio Murillo y José Víctor Orón attended the congress 'La Philosophy come Paideia', held at the Pontificia Università della Santa Croce (Italy) on February 23 and 24.


Fran Güell gave on February 13 a seminar for teachers and parents of students of high school Erain (San Sebastian) on 'Current issues on the beginning of life'.


Natural law and rationality internship

Alejandro Vigo dictated the lecture 'Experience, Objectivity, History. Heidegger and the Kantian analytics of principles' at the 1as conference Differenz "Heidegger ad hoc". of the School of Philosophy of the University of Seville, organized from February 10 to 13.


ATLANTES Programme

Carlos Centeno gave on February 13 a class on the management of neuropsychological symptoms in advanced and terminal patients in the Master's Degree in Palliative Care Nursing, during the practices that students perform in Madrid. Also, on February 16,18 and 19 he participated in the interdisciplinary course on palliative care 2015 organized by the department of Palliative Medicine of the Clinic.

María Arantzamendi offered a theoretical session on February 12 on mouth care, skin care and ulcers at the Master's Degree in Palliative Care Nursing, during the students' internship in Madrid.