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Cooking blind, the inspiration of chef Ángel Palacios

It was the last session of the cycle "Training to understand disability".

27 | 02 | 2024

On Monday, February 26, the fourth and last session of the cycle "Training to understand disability", organized by Tantaka, the Solidarity Time Bank of the University of Navarra, took place. With more than 800 registered participants, this XI edition had a record participation. To end on a high note, Ángel Palacios, visually impaired chef and promoter of the "Cooking blind" initiative, and several members of his team came from Logroño.

Ángel Palacios studied and trained to dedicate himself to cooking. After some time dedicating himself to it, he lost most of his vision. His goal since then has been to demonstrate that this disability is not an impediment to continue doing what he loves the most. "Blind people are often condemned to eat out of a tin can, the simplest thing. But I refuse," he said.

With this motivation, she founded the association "Cocinar a ciegas", where she gives training to visually impaired people. "We are a family. We help each other, teach each other and cook together," said Mariví, one of the members of the organization. Some of these apprentice cooks have been awarded cooking prizes that demonstrate, as the speaker explained, all that they are capable of.

While Ángel chatted with the presenters, Luis Casado, founder and president of the Ideas Foundation, and Marta Olaizola, student delegate of the University of Navarra, the cooks of "Cocinar a ciegas" offered a live showcooking and prepared more than 300 tapas and pinchos that the attendees could taste: A San Fermín lunch with potato, egg, chistorra sausage, bell pepper and pacharán gel; a cod fritter with panipuri stuffed with ajoarriero and pil pil; and a rice pudding cake with cinnamon crunch.