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The Idea of the University, new publication of high school of Anthropology and Ethics

Sergio Sánchez-Migallón, professor at the academic center, edits and presents the book by the German philosopher and psychiatrist Karl Jaspers.

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Sergio Sánchez Migallón, Dean of the Ecclesiastical School Philosophy . PHOTO: Manuel Castells
27/03/14 13:13 Fina Trèmols

The high school of Anthropology and Ethics of the University of Navarra has published The Idea of the University. It is a book that the German psychiatrist and philosopher Karl Jaspers published in 1946. The document, translated into Spanish by student Sergio Marín García, has been edited and presented by Sergio Sánchez Migallón, professor of Ethics at the academic center and director of high school of Anthropology and Ethics until last summer.

The Idea of the University gathers different reflections of its author Karl Jaspers on the essence that should embody and promote the university institution. In its pages he warns of the existential need to knot scientific knowledge with the unitary human experience. In his eyes the university is precisely a reflection of such existential unity. The reader will verify the timeliness of Jaspers' proposal , who also contemplates the necessary evolution of an institution that must adapt, continuously but prudently, to changing circumstances.

The book, published by publishing house EUNSA, is part of the Astrolabio Antropología y Ética collection, which also includes other documents such as Tres escritos sobre la Universidad, Cristianismo y Ciencias en la Universidad, Ideal universitario y otros ensayos, Diagnóstico de la Universidad en Alasdair MacIntyre.