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The work team, leadership, group stress management or decision making are at stake in the Joint Decision 2023.

The 6th edition of Joint Decision, an elaborate simulation of a war scenario, has been held.

28 | 03 | 2023

Students of Psychology, PPE, Governance, International Office and Journalism, put on internship skills such as team work , leadership, group stress management or decision making.

They also develop skills specific to their Degrees (international law; press counseling, interviews and news essay ; influence, cohesion, persuasion or psychological profiling) among others. 

To set the scene of war and to take advantage of their leadership experience in missions, we have the invaluable partnership of fighter pilots and transport pilots of the Spanish Air Force and Space, who come with their flight uniforms, enthusiasm and patience, to guide our students throughout the exercise.

In some moments there was tension in the atmosphere due to the urgency to rescue the kidnapped hostages. At the same time, news were written in social networks about the characters of our history. At the same time, in a classroom full of blackboards with data incomprehensible flight paths and air capabilities, other students under the leadership of the "Mission Commander" calculated in a precise and weighed way what will be the best weaponry that our fictitious air force should carry to achieve the success of the rescue mission statement .

After hours of shared planning effort, the students have been able to watch on the screen as the planes cross enemy airspace and bring the kidnapped civilians home (if they have planned the mission statement correctly). But the game does not end there. At the end there is a debriefing by the students on how they have worked as a team and what they can do to improve in the future.

That is when the game is truly over. They were very exciting and intense moments that will surely bring reflections and learning in the students that will last for a long time.

That's why every time students look at the Joint Decision patch they have earned, they will notice a smile of satisfaction that is hard to describe. They are already Joint Decision veterans.