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The language of the crisis or linguistic sexism, in a congress on speech media held at the University.

Experts are participating today and tomorrow in an international symposium organized by the Institute for Culture and Society

27/05/13 17:24 Isabel Teixeira
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The project "Public discourse" of Institute for Culture and Society (ICS) celebrates today and tomorrow at the University of Navarra an international symposium on rhetorical and intercultural perspectives of the assessment in the speech media. The meeting brings together experts from universities in England, Germany, France, Belgium and Spain with the goal to "reflect on the presence of the assessment -understood as evaluation, subjectivity or emotions in language- in the journalisticspeech ".

position The plenary lectures are given by Susan Hunston (University of Birmingham) and Patrick Charaudeau (Université de Paris XIII and CNRS). In the opening lecture of the symposium, Hunston spoke today about the evaluative language employee used by the BBC in interviews with scientists.

For his part, Charaudeau, one of the most relevant theorists in the discipline of the Analysis of speech, will address in tomorrow's workshop the conditions of production of persuasive discourses and how they are situated between reason and emotion. "The speech material written by a journalist -he states- does not directly reach the reader, the occasional student or the television viewer", as it previously goes through what he calls the "media machine", hence "the reason or the emotion found in it are transformed".

Also noteworthy is the discussion paper of Isabel Alonso Belmonte (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), who will refer to the speech of the crisis in the Spanish press, especially with respect to the expression of minority groups. Carmen Llamas (University of Navarra) will analyze the case of linguistic sexism as a reflection of linguistic ideologies in the press. Fernando López Pan, Beatriz Gómez and Sira Hernández (University of Navarra) will show an analysis of the argumentative strategies in editorials on educational reform published in three Spanish newspapers(El País, El Mundo and ABC).

The meeting will also feature a forum for doctoral students from the University of Navarra, who will present the results of their research: Alberto de Lucas, on the image of the speakers in the journalistic speech through the verbs of language; Dámaso Izquierdo, on the marking of the sources of information in the Public discourse in Spain; and Juan Francisco Padilla, on the Mexican press and the assessment of the speech referred to the actors of drug trafficking.

The project of research of the ICS "The Public discourse: persuasive and interpretation strategies" (GRADUN) seeks to develop, from a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspective, a comprehensive method of speech analysis, element core topic in all areas of social, public and private life, with special attention to the most publicly relevant, such as political and media speeches.