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Open the admissions period for the online diplomas of training theological of the University of Navarra for the course 20/21

The enrollment for the five own degrees will be open until 15 June.

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José Manuel Fidalgo. PHOTO: Manuel Castells
27/05/20 11:20 Chus Cantalapiedra

The high school Higher School of Religious Sciences of the University of Navarra(ISCR) has launched new editions of the five theological degrees of training that it has been offering online for the last four years. All of them will begin on 1 October and the deadline registration period will remain open until 15 June.

The diplomas, which have the approval of the Congregation for the Catholic Education of the Holy See, are the following: Diploma of Theology (37 ECTS credit), Diploma of Biblical Theology (25 ECTS credit), Diploma of Moral Theology (28 ECTS credit), Diploma of Pedagogy of Faith (18 ECTS credit) and Diploma of Philosophy, science and religion (39 ECTS credit). They are aimed at anyone interested in acquiring a systematic knowledge of the Christian faith with the guide of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, and with the goal that the students know how to reason and transmit their faith in open dialogue with society.

Professor José Manuel Fidalgo, director of the ISCR and promoter of the diplomas, points out that with these programs of study they seek promote the training of lay people in the sacred sciences as encouraged by the apostolic constitution Veritatis Gaudium: "The programs of study aim for professional quality and fruitful dialogue with contemporary culture and increasingly rely on the possibilities offered by new technologies and online resources".

The diplomas are currently attended by 350 students from 20 different countries and more than a hundred students can be found at alumni. The subjects are taught in semesters, the assessment is continuous with monthly exercises and online final exams. This methodology allows student to study and work in a flexible way, with a continuous assessment system based on activities such as forums, tests and online classes.