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The group "Mind-brain" of the ICS celebrates in Burgos its meeting annual

The team held its 2014 Intensive conference of work and visited the Museum of Human Evolution and the Atapuerca sites.

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Fran Güell, Carlos Blanco, Miguel García Valdecasas, an archaeologist of the site, Luis Echarte, Nat Barrett and José Ignacio Murillo. PHOTO: Others
27/06/14 09:02 ICS

The group Mind-brain of the Institute for Culture and Society (ICS) of the University of Navarra held its 2014 Intensive conference of work in Burgos. The event was attended by José Ignacio Murillo, researcher principal; Fran Güell, coordinator; Nat Barrett, Carlos Blanco, Luis Echarte and Miguel García Valdecasas.

During their stay, the team organized three conference of work to take stock of what has been achieved and to plan the activities and objectives for the next course. One of the activities of the conference was the visit to the Museum of Human Evolution, which culminated in a visit guided tour of the Atapuerca archaeological sites led by one of the archaeologists.

It should be remembered that, as a result of the exceptional archaeological and paleontological findings, the Atapuerca site has been declared an Area of Natural Interest, an Asset of Cultural Interest and a World Heritage Site. The Museum of Human Evolution has, for this reason, a special interest, since it gathers the main findings of the Atapuerca site, in addition to approaching the evolution of hominids in a didactic way.