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Celebration of the Feast of Saint Josemaría Escrivá, founder of the University

PhotoManuelCastells/Panoramic of sports center during the mass for Saint Josemaría Escrivá, founder of the University of Navarra.

27 | 06 | 2022

Hundreds of people attended the mass on the occasion of the feast of Saint Josemaría Escrivá, founder of Opus Dei and of the University of Navarra, which was celebrated at sports center.  

The new vicar of the Opus Dei delegation in Navarre, Carlos García del Barrio, presided over the Eucharistic celebration. In his homily he recalled the importance of the family, on the same day that concludes the Year of the Family called by Pope Francis "to help strengthen the faith and live the joy of God in a more fruitful way in family life". "The family, born of the intimate communion of married life and love, founded on the indissoluble marriage between a man and a woman and open to life, is a divine institution, the foundation of human life and the prototype of every social organisation," he said.

Carlos García del Barrio encouraged those present to show availability and to live with initiative the condition of children of God. To not be afraid and to overcome "with good courage and a hopeful spirit" the obstacles we encounter along the way. At this point, he mentioned some recent words of the Prelate of Opus Dei, Bishop Fernando Ocáriz, in which he said that all families have their strengths and weaknesses, their good moments and their difficulties. And he stressed the importance of maintaining a smile and good humour in family life. "A smile is always encouraging, it opens many doors, especially the door to intimacy. It helps to create a pleasant and cordial atmosphere, a home where one feels at ease. A positive tone pleases, gives air to the heart and shortens the way to the resolution of problems". He pointed out that good humour dissipates the fogs of pessimism, "financial aid to one's own and others' rest, it attracts, it has a certain convening power".

The vicar affirmed that joy is the first thing that attracts attention and that God uses it to initiate a process of conversion. "It is like the preamble to apostolic action", he continued and appealed to those present: "It is beautiful this task that we have, this commission that the Lord has entrusted to us: to weave networks of charity, to transmit peace and joy".

The musical part of the celebration was provided by the Laudemus choir position .