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Back to 1-10-27_ICS_La experimentación sexual, con o sin preservativo, está llena de riesgos

"Sexual experimentation, with or without a condom, is fraught with risk."

27/10/10 12:41

Jokin de Irala gave a lecture at workshop in Granada on the affective-sexual Education addressed to parents and educators. In which he assures that today's young people, despite being a well-informed generation, have "affective illiteracy". They are subjected to a constant bombardment of sexual information and are probably the generation of young people with the most data sexuality.

Therefore, Jokin de Irala also explained that the role of fathers and mothers in the affective-sexual Education of their children is fundamental, because "they are the ones who know them best and because from love, closeness and daily attention can best help a young person to educate their character and prepare them for love".

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