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Institute for Culture and Society: participation in activities of other centers and universities (November 2014)

27/11/14 11:15 ICS

Emotional culture and identity

Alejandro García Martínez gave the course 'Society and Culture in the 21st Century' at the Master's Degree in management Cultural of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya from November 3 to 7.


Pilar León gave the session 'Ethics of Health Institutions' at the AESE Business School's Programa de Alta Direccão de Instituicões de Saúde (PADIS), aimed at members of boards of directors, service directors, heads of service or similar in hospital institutions in the public, private and social sectors (Oporto, Nov. 17). He also participated in the IV Convention of the Medical Profession, held in Madrid on the 14th and 15th by the Organización Médica Colegial.

Rosa Fernández Urtasun spoke on 'Ernestina de Champourcin, avant-garde poet' at the X conference of European Culture 'Women in Europe. Its relevance and contribution in the construction of the West' (Vitoria, November 20).


Public discourse

Ramón González dictated the lecture 'Advances and challenges in the study of encapsulatory cohesion mechanisms. El caso de las etiquetas discursivas' at the framework of the seminar Reflexiones sobre speech y language Española, held at the University of Málaga from 5 to 7 November.

Ricardo Jiménez presented the discussion paper 'Metadiscourse, Rhetoric and Blogging (three allies to teach written argumentation)' at the congress International SEDLL, which took place at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya on November 20.


Education of Affectivity and Human Sexuality

Jokin de Irala participated in the III Bioethics workshop 'Corporeality in science, life and cinema' with the discussion paper 'Questions and answers about sexuality in young people' (Granada, November 15).


Cristina López del Burgo gave three talks at training course Affective Sexuality (Seville, November 14): 'Love and corporeality': 'The language of biology in relation to sexuality' and 'Family planning and parenthood manager'. The activity was addressed to parents of students from Adharaz and Altasierra schools.

Carlos Beltramo offered on November 5 a course at training at high school Izaga on the use of the book 'Aprendiendo a Querer'.



group 'Mind-brain'

José Ignacio Murillo attended as speaker guest at the congress 'Neurosciences: theory, internship and reconfigurations of free will', organized by the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile from November 10 to 12. He gave the lecture 'Habits and neuroscience: rationality, unconscious and freedom'.

Fran Güell was in Washington (USA) from November 13 to 20. He participated in the International Neuroethics Society with the work 'The Enhancement of Mental Traits: the Gap Between the Biological Fact, what Science Says and what is Interpreted', elaborated together with Javier Bernácer. He also presented a poster at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience.

Javier Bernácer attended the Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, where he presented an oral communication entitled 'Neural Correlates of Effort-Discounted Value and Effort-Based Uncertainty in Human Decision Making', within the symposium 'Human decision-making: neural mechanisms'.


Javier Sánchez Cañizares participated in the congress 'Abraham's Dice: Chance and Providence in the Monotheistic Traditions', which took place at Stonehill College (Washington, USA) from November 16-19.


Nathaniel Barrett gave an invited lecture at the University of Connecticut (Storrs), entitled 'Ordinary Religious Experience: Energy, Engagement, and Enjoyment', as part of the James Barnett Lecture Series in Humanistic Anthropology, held at The Humanities Institute of the University of Connecticut (USA) from 27 October to 2 November. He also gave a seminar at the Division of Religious and Theological Studies of Boston University: 'Religion and Science Colloquium'. He shared with the doctoral students his research in the field of cognitive science and religion.

Luis Echarte -also partner of project 'Emotional culture and identity- presented a poster and an oral communication under the degree scroll 'staff Identity and Neurotechnology. Ethical Reflections on Modulating Habit Formation' for the Annual Meeting of the International Neuroethics Society. The work, elaborated together with D. Larrivee and A. Gini, was distinguished among the five best.

ATLANTES Programme

Carlos Centeno attended together with Eduardo Garralda the meeting INSUP-C, which took place from November 3 to 5 at the School of Medicine of the University of Pécs (Hungary). Dr. Centeno also participated in the 2nd International WeCare Workshop 'What do we do when we are told: "I, like this, do not want to live anymore"?', organized by the Chair WeCare of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (28-29 November).

Irene García presented two posters at the VII congress International and XII National of Clinical Psychology: 'Dignity Therapy for Southern European countries: study on potential efficacy of DT in Portugal, Italy and Spain' and 'Dignity Therapy. Systematic review of the existing literature'. He elaborated them together with Carlos Centeno and Marina Martínez.

On the other hand, researchers and collaborators of the ATLANTES Program attended in Madrid on November 14 and 15 the X National congress of the Spanish Society of Palliative Care (SECPAL).

  • Carlos Centeno was speaker of the Table 'area of training where did we go wrong?', moderator of the workshop'How to teach in palliative care' and speaker of the session 'Bed Side Teaching' (of the previous workshop) on November 14. On the 15th was speaker of the session 'research cooperative' (at the 'Researching together' Table) and speaker of the session 'Talking to the expert about: Asthenia'.

  • José Miguel Carrasco obtained the award for the second best oral communication of the congress for the work 'The message of palliative care: An analysis of the written press'.[More information]

  • Marina Martínez was moderator of the table 'Effective psychological interventions in palliative care' and speaker of the session 'Psychology and suffering' (in the Table 'Suffering').

  • José Pereira gave the lecture 'Addressing the desire to bring forward death'.

  • María Aparicio presented the oral communication 'Forgiveness and well-being in palliative care: an integrated review of the literature'.

Posters presented at congress:

  • 'Instruments to assess the experience of living with advanced heart failure: a review of the literature'. Martín Martín, J; Carvajal Varcálcel, A; Arantzamendi Solabarrieta, M.

  • 'HM Chochinov Dignity Therapy in Patients with Advanced Disease. Review of the Literature'. Belar, A; Martinez, M; Centeno, C.

  •  'Transfer of results from research in the programs of study Atlas of Palliative Care'. Garralda, E; Carrasco, JM, Woitha, K; Centeno, C.

  • 'The importance of gratitude for health professionals'. Aparicio, M; Arantzamendi, M; Centeno, C.

  • 'The nurse-patient relationship with advanced and terminal cancer: unameta-ethnography'. Errasti-Ibarrondo, B; Pérez, M.; Carrasco, J.M.; Carvajal, A; Larumbe, A; Lama, M; Arantzamendi, M.

  • History of palliative care in Spain until 1995. Delphi study for the selection of pioneers'. Rocafort, J; Corredera, L; Pérez, P; Garralda, E; Centeno, C.

  •  'History of palliative care in Spain up to 1995. Systematic review of the literature'. Corredera, L; Rocafort, J; Garralda, E; Pérez, P; Centeno, C.

Religion and Civil Society

Montserrat Herrero gave the discussion paper 'Prophecy and prognosis: the secularization of historical expectation' at the international colloquium Secularizaçao. Que futuro?, at the Universidade da Beira Interior, held on November 13 and 14.


Daniel Moulin gave the discussion paper 'On the nature of Antitheism: an exploratory study of anti-Christian prejudice in English secondary schools' at Oxford University on 25 November 2014.