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In the shoes of... Bella Alba


28 | 02 | 2024


This week marks the arrival of Unav United Week, the most international event of the year. Bella Alba, 4th year student of International Relations and native of Manila (Philippines), has been involved in its organization. Between Iberian secret and friends from Antarctica, she tells us what it will consist of and we take the opportunity to get to know her a little more.

1. What is the International Committee of the University?
We are a group of national and international students who help international students and those from exchange in their process of adaptation to their time at university and their new life in Spain.

2. What led you to collaborate with committee?
As an international student, I know what it is like to arrive in a completely new place and have to adapt. One of the values of this University is the international outreach and the ability to live together, so I want to contribute from committee to help students who may need some guidance and a helping hand to adapt.

3. There are many expectations with the Unav United Week. What is it going to consist of? Why did you decide to organize something like this?
Our goal is that students, professors and other professionals of the University of Navarra, national and international, are more united every day; we have a lot to contribute to each other. We want to break down possible cultural barriers and contribute to the knowledge and understanding of the diverse customs and values from around the world.

4. Place in Pamplona that makes you feel most at home?
The Citadel.

5. What about campus?
The cherry tree between Arquitectura and the esplanade of Library Services, where I always go with my friends.

6. What do you miss most about the Philippines?
The food and my family.

7. Best dish from your homeland.
Sinigang na Baboy, a pork soup.

8. Best Spanish food?
The secreto ibérico.


9. Song, book and movie.
Any of Paramore; Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People; and Mulan.

10. Historical moment you would have liked to live.
The independence of the Philippines.

11. Define Spanish people in 3 words.
Sophisticated, vibrant and fun.

12. Current person you would have a coffee with?
H.E.R., the singer. I like her music and she's also half Filipino.

13. Anything you have accomplished from your "Before the end of degree program..."?
Have at least two friends from every continent (except Antarctica).

14. Something that makes your day?
My friends.

15. How do you see yourself in 10 years?
Working for an NGO.

16. The University of Navarra is...
A center that favors the training of leaders and a diverse community.