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Un día dedicado a la cooperación y el voluntariado

More than thirty charitable organizations and projects of partnership promoted by students and Colegios Mayores participated in the workshop

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Students came throughout the day to ask questions to the associations and to be interested in their projects. PHOTO: Manuel Castells
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Sierra Leone Mile 91 Clinic won the award solidarity projects contest. PHOTO: Manuel Castells
28/03/14 10:11 Maria Luisa Guerrero

"SOLIDARIUN would be an empty sea if it were not filled by each of the actions of my classmates who, drop by drop, try to "paint" a better future," says one of the organizers of this event, Tatiana Costas, a 3rd year medical student. And the reference letter to painting is literal. In some of the projects carried out by the students of the University, such as Field of work of PeruIn some of the projects carried out by the students of the University, such as "The hands of the children", all the attendees were encouraged to paint their hands and capture them on paper, to build a better world together. This is one of the projects that participated in Solidariun 2014 to raise funds and promote the work they are doing.

Another of them is Sierra Leone Mile 91 Clinicwith which high school Mayor Santa Clara aims to obtain solar panels so that patients who are hospitalized can stay at night in that place, since currently, due to the lack of means, they can only stay in the hospital during the day. The other projects that participated in this edition of Solidariun were Congo 2014 , whose work is the realization of volunteer activities in this country, Like Yu , which aims to contribute to the improvement of the Education of girls in Kenya and AUNI , which seeks to raise awareness and raise funds to help the NGO "Friends of Monkole" (disabled children in Congo). The students, thanks to the Solidarity Raffle, were in charge of selling the tickets to raise money to help in different countries with their projects. They also participated in the Project Contest, an incentive for students to get involved in a solidarity project of their own and raise funds for their project. Each group presented their projects in public and the jury, taking into account the evaluation of the attendees, decided to submit the award to project de Sierra Leone Mile 91 Clinic.

Winning photo of the Solidariun Photography contest. Daniel Prol

Solidariun is a workshop organized every year by Tantaka. Thanks to this
initiative, for a whole day, cooperation and volunteer activities come to the forefront at the University of Navarra. This year, more than thirty solidarity organizations and partnership projects promoted by students and the University of Navarra participated.
promoted by students or by the University of Navarra's Colleges.

On the occasion of this day, in addition to the
Solidarity Raffle, a Solidariun Photography Competition was organized and, as a novelty, the Interfaculty Solidarity RankingIn this event, School of Theology was the most supportive thanks to the tickets sold for the Solidariun meal.

"These events are what make the difference and shape the identity of the University. We are not only a group of students, professors and employees who go to study, give class or work. We are much more than that because we don't stop at the obligatory," explains Almudena del Campo, another of the young people in charge of organizing Solidariun.

Throughout the day, attendees were able to enjoy performances and a solidarity concert by the Dance Company of Atena Foundation and group Banana Bluezz. They were also able to participate in various workshops conducted by the association Navarra de Autismo, DYA (first aid), a workshop with seniors of theresidency program of Clínica Universidad de Navarra and another one promoted by association Anfas A story to think...A story to think...A story to think...A story to think...A story to think...A story-forum. Lucía Martinez-Alcade, another of those responsible, affirms that they are very happy for the great interactivity among the students who come to ask questions to the associations and the projects, so that they can make themselves known.

"It is a joy to see so many young people and so many different projects, although they all converge in the same goal , which is to help those who need it most. Dedicating your time and your enthusiasm to others is very comforting," explains Javier Trigo, the director of the Sports Service.

"We are able to make time to do things that go beyond the strictly academic sphere, whether it is to help those in need, to play sports, to discuss current topics of interest or simply to grow as people. That is why there is Solidariun, the sports day, FORUN, the theater club, the choir, the orchestra....This is the University of Navarra," concludes Almudena.