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Three MDGFI students, winners of the Fast Track of the University

A projectabout a sustainable recycling system based on incentives wins the first awardin the latest edition of the entrepreneurship programme.

28 | 04 | 2022

Fernando Robles, Kilian Ramírez, Raúl González are students of Master's Degreein designGalenic and Manufacturing in the Pharmaceutical Industry and, together with a psychologist and two engineers, have developed a projecton a sustainable recycling system based on incentives. In this way, they have managed to win the first awardin the latest edition of the Fast Trackthe University's entrepreneurship programme.

"Our projectwas born with the intention of improving the quality of recycling when we discovered how our country continues to fail to meet the established recycling targets, ultimately causing a great deterioration of the environment," explains Fernando Robles. We designed a system that evolved as we researched topicand talked to experts in the sector. Who would have thought that we would be able to work with the heads of Economicscircular such as Mercadona or even have the support of large hypermarkets such as E.Leclerc and Carrefour", he says. After all their efforts, they were able to achieve a solid plan for business, validated by large companies and with future prospects.

"Between October and April we participated in theoretical and practical sessions, where we learned all the necessary tools for successful entrepreneurship," says Kilian Ramírez. "It was a differenttrainingto add to your professional profile, and an experience where we acquired the skills that every entrepreneur needs to face life, always supported by the best mentors".

A transversal entrepreneurship programme

"With Fast Track we have seen that any idea can become a reality, and that with sacrifice, effort and enthusiasm all projectcan succeed. It is a programme based on the creation of multidisciplinary teams made up of students from all degree programmes and of all ages, which allows for a greater developmentin the professional field and staff", explains Raúl González. "Undoubtedly, the most valuable aspect of the programme is this transforming experience that gives a 360º turn to the way of seeing life. 

He also assures that it has not been an easy road: "From the beginning we had emotional ups and downs with days when we thought we were invincible, where nothing could go wrong. But the next day there were new unforeseen events that posed new challenges to solve. We have learned that it doesn't matter how many times you fall, but how many times you find the courage to keep working for a common goal".