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"The cross and the trench: on the centenary of the Great War."

New issue of the magazine "yearbook of Church History".

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Cover of the new volume of yearbook of Church History. PHOTO: Courtesy
28/05/14 16:58 Fina Trèmols

It has been published the issue 23 of the magazine yearbook of Church Historypublished by the high school of Church History of the School of Theology of the University of Navarre.

One of the monographic sections of the 2014 volume is dedicated to the centenary of the First World War,"The cross and the trench: on the centenary of the Great War", with articles by: Giovanni B. Varnier, Caterina Ciriello, Sante Lesti, María Eugenia Ossandón Widow, Cesare Repossi and Andrew Soane.

The other deals with the centenary of the death of St. Pius X,"Pius X, a pontificate on the threshold of modernity", with the collaboration of Gianpaolo Romanato, Alejandro Mario Dieguez, Juan-Miguel Ferrer y Grenesche and Giuliano Brugnotto.

Another section to be highlighted is"The new history of the Church arising from Vatican II", with contributions by: Saverio Xeres, José andrés-Gallego, Federico M. Requena.