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Soledad Abad: "At Alumni we want to develop a training offer more focused on working professionals".

The new manager Alumni at Tecnun, Soledad Abad, explains the objectives of this course.

FotoPaulaBerroa/Soledad Abad, new managerof the service

28 | 09 | 2021

One of the events co-organised by Alumni is the III Blockchain workshop Economics which will take place on 25 October. "The programme is very powerful and it is an interesting field for our alumni", confesses managerof the service.

Soledad Abad , a former Tecnun student, has joined the School's Alumni Office this year as managerwith the hope of being the "channel between the University and the almost 9,000 engineers who have graduated from it".

What do you think is the mission statementof the Alumni Office? 

I would say that the mission statementof the Alumni Office is to create opportunities to maintain and enhance the bond that everyone has by virtue of having studied here, looking for collaborations between the alumni, teachers and students and with the University itself.  

What are the main objectives of this Alumni course?  

There are two fundamental objectives. On the one hand, to make the existing Alumni networkmore dynamic in order to facilitate Networking, for which we will have to look for tools and spaces on meetingto facilitate exchange. Another priority goalis to ensure that Tecnun continues to be a reference point for alumni throughout their professional degree programwhen they are looking for training. We want to start developing a training offer that is more focused on working professionals.

One of the events we have co-organised is the III Blockchain workshop Economics . The programme is powerful and it is an interesting field for our alumni. It will take place on Monday 25 October at campus in Madrid and can also be followed online. 

What would you like to transfer to alumni? 

That they still have a link in Tecnun to go to for anything that may be needed.

What do you like best about project?

I am motivated by the opportunity to be on contactwith the almost 9,000 engineers who have been trained in this School and to be a channel for seeking new collaborations that will help developmentof the University and all those who pass through here.