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Science Museum volunteers give the green light to the start of the new academic year

The scientific institution has gathered fifty volunteers to inform them of the activities planned for the next academic year.

28 | 09 | 2022

It is a tradition at the Science Museum that the course starts with the meeting of volunteers. This Tuesday, fifty people gathered to learn about the activities planned for this year, and to discover some news about the project of the future Science Museum.  

The quotation started at 19:00 at the auditorium of the Sciences Building of the University of Navarra, where Ignacio López-Goñi, director of the Science Museum, greeted the attendees and informed them about the activities planned for this year: The night of the researchers, the cycle of sessions "October with Cajal", Science and Technology Week, IV edition of #LabMeCrazy! Science Film Festival, "Women in Science", seminar of Communication and knowledge dissemination of Science, the project of "Science in the street", Cienceando Camps, among others.  

In the second part of the workshop , attendees were able to visit the "Mirador" of the Science Museum, an educational space that recreates what the future museum will be like, and where attendees were able to see a small sample of the collection, various scientific tours, and an interactive touch table with photos and videos of the project.

meeting of volunteers (09/27/22)