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Back to El profesor de la Universidad de Navarra Jokin de Irala presenta en París su libro 'L'amour face au sida'

University of Navarra professor Jokin de Irala presents in Paris his book 'L'amour face au sida'.

The book of the Associate Dean of the School of Medicine is published in French after having been published in English and Spanish as "Propóntelo, propóntelo, evitar el sida" (Propose it, propose it, avoid AIDS).

29/03/11 06:03
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Jokin de Irala PHOTO: Manuel Castells

Jokin de Irala, Associate Dean of training Médica, research and postgraduate program of the School of Medicine of the University of Navarra, has presented in Paris his book 'L'amour face au sida', written together with the technical advisor of Catholic Relief Services, Matthew Hanley.

The book deals with the problem of AIDS from the discovery of the disease in 1981 to the present day, including a description of the virus, its transmission routes and the status of the epidemic on a global scale. The authors then focus on current preventive responses and their effectiveness. In this regard, the director of the line Education of human affectivity and sexuality of the high school Science and Society (ICS) of the academic center recalls that addressing this issue is still absolutely necessary, "since in view of the data of the disease, many wonder if Preventive Medicine is not failing".

Thus, the book analyzes the effectiveness of two measures that it considers fundamental, such as delaying the onset of sexual relations and mutual monogamy: "We collect data of population-based prevention programs such as those carried out in Uganda, Zimbabwe or Kenya, where they have managed to curb the epidemic with these measures that we call risk avoidance. On the other hand, countries that have placed emphasis on promote the use of condoms continue with an uncontrolled epidemic".

According to the author, this status is largely due to risk compensation: "Feeling more protected, people abandon other basic preventive behaviors and incidence increases".

Likewise, Dr. de Irala stresses in his book - now translated into French after being published in English and Spanish as 'Propóntelo, propóntelo, evitar el sida' - the need to make a joint effort with health, educational, cultural and media authorities, "to prevent the AIDS pandemic in the simplest and cheapest way possible: with a change in behavior that demands self-control on the part of young people and adults".

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