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A graduate of Biochemistry starts a Master's Degree at Oxford University.

Helena Rodríguez Caro completed her last course and work at the University of Hong Kong. Degree

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Helena Rodríguez Caro
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Helena Rodríguez Caro, graduated in Biochemistry from the University of Navarra, will study next year a Master's Degree in clinical embryology at the University of Oxford. Previously, the student did her work end of Degree and final year of degree program at the University of Hong Kong.

"The exchange in Hong Kong was decisive. Besides allowing me to improve my English, it motivated me to apply for place in Oxford," says the graduate."The academic environment is very inspiring and being surrounded by exchange students from all over the world gives you an overview of all the possible opportunities."

From his experience in the Asian country he highlights the rhythm of work and the need to adapt to a completely different culture. "Their way of teaching allows for a great variety of experiments, practicing many techniques and receiving a variety of management courses at laboratory", he added.

She will soon begin her postgraduate program at the English university. This is a Master's Degree that will provide her with knowledge of human reproductive biology, and will allow her to specialize in reproductive immunology, investigating immunological defects in women associated with pregnancy loss.

During the last few years several students from the School of Sciences have made part of their programs of study to the Asian university, by virtue of the agreements of exchange between both institutions. "Likewise, last year we had a student from the Chinese university (Chon Sou), who completed an entire course at our School", explained Professor Eduardo Ansorena. Soon, the new delegate of Admissions Office from the University of Hong Kong will visit the School and will be received by . CIMA and will be received by the Dean of the School "in order to reinforce the agreements of programs of study and research in force between both institutions".