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"Our priority must be the student, to offer the best possible care and training , which also requires high standards."

About to complete 100 days in the position, the dean Mercedes Galán takes stock and advances the projects to be addressed by the School, immersed in its 70th anniversary.

FotoManuelCastells/The dean of the School Law School, Mercedes Galán.

29 | 09 | 2022

As you are about to complete your first 100 days at the helm of School, how do you evaluate them? 

These have been intense days, although interrupted by the summer break. I value them very positively, because of the illusion of continuing with the projects started and, above all, the illusion of undertaking new ones. It is an exciting challenge, especially because I have the support of a great and unbeatable team, both teachers and administration and services staff . 

Former student, doctor, professor? what does it mean to you to be dean of your School? 

Honestly, it is something I would never have imagined. I am especially moved by the thought of my teacher, Mr. Ismael Sánchez Bella, our first President and an example of a magnificent person and a great university student, demanding and magnanimous at the same time. It is a great honor for me, because of the trust placed in me, as well as a great responsibility and a great challenge. The people who have preceded me at position are a great example. In this year, which marks the 70th anniversary of our School, I believe that we should look back with pride at what we have achieved, but also to continue building the future with the faith, enthusiasm and open-mindedness of the beginning.

What are the figures for School Law this academic year 2022-23? 

We started this academic year with 313 new students in Degree: 101 in the Degree in Law, 63 in the Degree in International Office , 53 in the Double Degree in Law and International Office, 5 in the Double Degree in IR/History and another 16 in the Double Degree in Law and Philosophy. In addition, there are 75 students in the Double Degree in Law ECO/ADE. The grade average reaches 8.65 and 8.9 in the double Degree of International Office with Law. In addition, we have 90 students in our programs Master's Degree. They are good data and I think that, throughout this course, as always, our priority must be the student, to offer them the best possible attention and training , which also requires exigency.

What are the main developments at professor? 

The School maintains its commitment to internationalization. This year, the two diplomas of Degree of International Office have been launched: Global Business & Economic Affairs and Geopolitics & Diplomacy. On the other hand, we have just started the continuous training program on Renewable Energy Law and the program on Restructuring Companies in Crisis is underway. In addition, we are immersed in the process of accreditation of Degree in Law. It is also noteworthy that this year the first graduating class of the Double Degree in Law and International Office will graduate.

What are the projects to be promoted? 

For the next course we will launch the Master's Degree in Family Law, which wants to impart a complete training , 360º, from the legal point of view, in all those issues that affect the family. We must address the modification of the Master's Degree of Access to the Bar, of agreement with the new law that requires the incorporation of the procuration. And for the course 23/24 we must work on the accreditation of our doctoral program. 

The reflection on the Degree in Law is also a very exciting project . We want to make a qualitative leap, to think of a new Degree in Law, which assumes an international teaching and adapted to the needs of today's world.

This academic year marks the 70th anniversary of the beginning of School. What mark would you say the School of the University of Navarra Law School has left?

The mark is particularly noticeable in our Alumni, the pillar of our School. It is impressive to find alumni of the School in all possible destinations related to the legal world that, after many or few years of their passage through the School, retain and increase their affection for our School. The important thing, obviously, is the people. All of them agree on the mark that School has left on them: the importance of working hard, with responsibility and seriousness, but above all of being good people, with interest in others and in improving the world.

What events can we expect at School to celebrate this 70th anniversary? 

Without a doubt this is going to be a special course. It will be 70 years since classes began in October 1952 and from the School we are preparing some events: the first will be taking advantage of the next Alumni Weekend meeting on October 8, for which I especially encourage our teachers to attend and accompany our alumni. It is planned to celebrate, in this 70th anniversary framework , a special Christmas drink in Pamplona and also an event in Madrid and we are working on the 'closing' celebration of this anniversary in June.