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Marta Olaizola and Almudena Uclés, new University delegates

They have been chosen by the 30 representatives of the different Schools and schools.


29 | 09 | 2023

Marta Olaizola and Almudena Uclés have been elected respectively delegate and subdelegate of the University of Navarra for the 2023/24 academic year. In the voting, representatives of the 15 Schools and schools of the academic center have participated.

Born in Bilbao, Marta is studying 4th year of Psychology. During her free time, she enjoys playing soccer, basketball and paddle tennis, and devoting time to reading. This is the second year that she has held a student representation position , since last year she served as subdelegate, "a task that gave me experience and will make this year's work easier". As delegate, she says that she would like to encourage the union of all students at the University: "I really want to promote activities that everyone can join, to awaken the university spirit, not only from your School, but to generate a sense of belonging to the University of Navarra".

Almudena is from Madrid and is studying 3rd year of the double degree Degree in Law and Philosophy. Passionate about reading, she combines her programs of study with a work in the Library Services of the University and teaching English. In addition, she loves attend to attend seminars with guest professors and, when she has some free time, she tries to play sports. From his position, he wants to encourage a special welcome to first-year students and international students, and to promote unity and partnership among the different Schools.

Delegates from Schools and schools

Delegate: Marta Idoate Zapata
Subdelegate: Isabel Sandoval García

Delegate: Adrián Tomás Torres Palés
Subdelegate: Tania Patricia Sáinz Zuñiga

Delegate: César González González
Subdelegate: Juan Cortés Escartín

Delegate: Martina Ducay Pérez de Prado
Subdelegate: Melina Pilar Sequeira Teruel

Canon Law
Delegate: Américo Osvaldo Ucuessunga
Subdelegate: Jaroslaw Marek Gomulka

Economics and Business Administration
Delegate: Pablo Gutiérrez Ubierna
Subdelegate: Marcos Val Hernández

Ecclesiastic of Philosophy
Delegate: Mattia Scutto
Sub-delegate: Prosper Francis Makene

Education and Psychology
Delegate: Marta Olaizola Anzola
Subdelegate: Javier Cortijo Rojo

Delegate: Fabiana Perillo Sortino
Deputy Delegate: Irati Erdozain Martinez

Pharmacy and Nutrition
Delegate: María Guitián Valderrábano
Subdelegate: Gloriana Cerdas Bulgarelli

Philosophy and Letters
Delegate: Almudena Uclés Landín
Subdelegate: Álvaro Pérez Asensio

Delegate: Juan Fernando Salvador Morla
Deputy Delegate: Pablo Constantino López-Madrazo Luengo

ISSA School of Applied Management
Delegate: Andrea Velásquez Ortigosa
Deputy Delegate: Camila Álvarez Sosa

Delegate: Gonzalo Schoendorff García-Reboredo
Deputy Delegate: Angela Casanova Escribano

Delegate: José Rolando Becerra Ramírez
Subdelegate: Alder Harol Álvarez Maltez